SEO Sydney Tips: Why Bother With SEO-friendly URLs?

Posted on October 31st, 2012

Something SEO Sydney strategy beginners often ask is whether or not SEO-friendly URLs are worth the trouble.  In a word, yes.

It is necessary to be clear about something, however: you should not pin all your hopes of getting more pageviews or higher page rankings on SEO-friendly URLs, in the same way you should not pin all your hopes of achieving the same things on creating sound internal link structures within your website.  Having SEO-friendly URLs is not the ultimate determinant of whether or not your site is going to rank well.  If anything, it shall be a secondary factor in the list of things that go into determining that.  But it does matter.  Consider Google and the way it displays URLs and the links to each website’s subcategories on its search results pages, for example.  This means that you are already being given an opportunity to display some of the material in your site by putting relevant keywords in your website’s categories.  And that is an opportunity you should definitely not waste.

The usual argument made is that these sorts of URLs are also easer to crawl and index for search engines, although the improvement is—as far as most web tools can measure it—actually quite minimal.  Still, the success of every venture (SEO Sydney ventures included) is premised on its executors doing as much as they can to minimise risks, so it makes sense to use static/clean URLs wherever possible instead of gambling on the dangerous side with a dynamic URL or one where the elements are based on the website’s internal classification system.  

Finally, it is worthwhile to note that there are actually situations where people might be more likely to click on a link to your webpages or open a URL address on your site where they have a clear indicator of what they are going to find there and how relevant it shall be to their concerns.  

Consider the URLs and, for instance.  It is quite clear which of these might appear more appealing to those web users who actually pause before clicking on a link.  Thus, SEO-friendly URLs of this type may in fact aid people in determining whether or not your site has what they need.

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